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Pastoral Care

The pastoral system at Bronte Girls’ Academy is routinely embedded across the school at all levels to ensure our students have the best academic and personal support to thrive in a setting of excellence.

The Pastoral System
The pastoral team incorporates Year Teams with Student Support Officers (SSOS) linked to a member of the Senior Leadership team. In the first instance, our students are supported by their GST tutor who they see daily, and it is the tutor’s role to offer everyday support and guidance, to review learning and set personal goals through the GST programme.  Each year group from Year 7 to 11 have a Student Support Officer (SSO) linked to them to oversee the pastoral care and to offer support to the students within their team. This includes providing academic support, behaviour management, attendance and mentoring for those students who need additional support or guidance. Our pastoral care is routinely embedded at all levels underpinned by our curriculum, teaching, and behaviour policies to ensure our students are completely supported throughout their journey whilst in our care.

The Team

The GST tutor:  The tutor will see your child daily and this person will be your child’s first point of contact.  They will support your daughter through the GST programme, which consists of activities such as assemblies, reading, numeracy ninjas and the opportunity to explore the weekly pastoral themes.

Student Support Officers: The SSO oversees the pastoral care for one year group. We have five dedicated team members who have responsibility for the pastoral needs of all the students in their year group:

  • Ms Aqsaa Bibi
  • Ms Mehvash Nazakat
  • Mrs Salma Bibi
  • Mr Faisal Ali
  • Mrs Sabilla Yaqub

Additional Professionals working with us:

Safer Schools Officer: PC Georgie Knappy works with the academy to provide students, parents or carers and staff with any guidance they might need. For example, the officer offers input on topics such as personal safety and policing priorities which impact on young people to keep them safe in the wider community.

Additional Support

The School Nurse: Our students have access to a school nurse who is available to support individuals with their health. The role of the school nurse is to provide guidance, signpost to appropriate services and to provide key health messages to support as required.

Step 2 Counselling: The academy has access to an external counsellor who attends school. These sessions are delivered sensitively and do require parental consent. Any concerns and referrals are managed by the Student Support Officer for the year group.

Online Support

Toot Toot: Students have access to the online platform Toot Toot. This is an online service linked to the Safeguarding Team and Student Support Officers.  Students can share their worries through this platform if they feel uncertain about speaking face to face, which allows the team to offer bespoke support to our students.



Our pastoral care is in everything we do as a team, and ultimately it is by providing the best support to our students that they thrive. We endeavour to have a school of students who feel safe, happy and who are developing in their social and emotional resilience over time to become independent young people who make excellent academic progress and who become well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world.